When you need a little extra “oomph” to get our 100% silicone roof coating to adhere to your roof, check out our full line of primers to enhance adhesion.

TotalRoof-EPDMEPDM Rinsable Cleaner

Designed specifically to enhance adhesion over EPDM surfaces, this coating can prep your entire roof to receive coating in less than 30 minutes.

Available in 1 and 5 gallon pails, colored clear.

Rust Inhibitive PrimerTotalRoof-bleedblock

Installing coating over a metal roof with rust can lead to discoloration of the coating, as well as poor adhesion over rusted areas. Applying Rust Inhibitive primer will prevent discoloring, stop current rust growth, and prevent future rust development.

Available in 1 and 5 gallon pails, colored red.

Single-Ply PrimerTotalRoof-SinglePly

For all your single-ply priming needs. PVC, TPO, Hypalon; whatever current roof you have, our single-ply primer will improve coating adhesion to it. On top of that, it’s plasticizer free and can cover up to 1,000 square feet in a single bucket.

Available in 1 and 5 gallon pails, colored black.

Bleed-Block PrimerTotalRoof-bleedblock

Some older substrates will bleed as time goes on. These chemicals can actually discolor the silicone coating you apply to your home, usually turning it yellow when this occurs. Bleed-block primer locks in the color of the substrate underneath, keeping your roof exactly the color you want it to be. Bleed-block primer can also be used to prime metal roofs if rust is present.

Available in 1 and 5 gallon pails, colored red.

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